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    LED Slim Round Panel Light


  Our Panel Light is a high quality LED alternative to the conventional fluorescent troffers. Its dimmable, light-weight, energy efficient and maintenance free fixtures design which will revolutionize traditional commercial office lighting. They emit NO UV or IR radiation, environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, provide a versatile solution to task and accent lighting requirements in both domestic and commercial situations, especially for places with high demand of light intensity.
  ● Operating voltage: optional 240V AC or 12 V DC
● Invisible LED lens design provids an even and wide     spread of soft light without glare or eye strain
● 170° Flat angle wide light illumination
● About 70% energy saving
● Long life span
● No infrared rays, no ultraviolet radiation, no thermal effect
● Recessed mounting makes it ultra slim with optional     various dimensions available for instant start.
● Special circuit design, avoids the single broken LED     influence problem
● Advanced LED technology to avoid any flickering,     humming and RF interference


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