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    Automotive application

Indicator/ Signaling light
Indicator lights conduct signals that help motorists assess driving situations and make driving decisions. LED indicator light and signaling light series have faster response time, sending roadway information faster and enhance safety level compared to traditional lights. The luminous efficacy of LED signs and signals is often higher than those using conventional light sources.
T10 6 SMD BA9S
T10 9 SMD Tower Type T10 13 SMD
T10 18 SMD 18 SMD BA15S& BA15D
T5 Single SMD 27 SMD BA15S& BA15D
Contour Light
High daily level of UV received at Australia ground places high level requirement on material used in automotive exterior lights. These contour lights with UV resistant lens can withstand UV ingress and avoid aging of rubber over time. Its waterproof design is a plus when used outdoor.
Hard Strip Light Tube Light Joinable Strip Light
Heavy-duty Light
Our LED Heavy-duty Light series is a perfect accompaniment to any 4X4 or SUV which includes work light be used as vehicle roof light, and underbody light to be used in underbody of vehicles. Especially to off-road driving, it is the essential tool to get you out of predicament and judge distance more accurately at night.
LED Work Light LED Underbody Light
Interior Dome/Roof Light
This roof lights with clean, low-profile appearance provide great illumination for your interior automotive cabin.
Festoon 2 SMD 3”/4” Stainless Steel Roof Light
Festoon 3 SMD 4” Surface Mount Dome Light
Festoon 6 SMD 5.5” Surface Mount Dome Light
Festoon 9 SMD 5.5” Surface Mount Stainless Dome Light
Linear Ceiling Light Crystal Ceiling Touch Light
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