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Corporate profile

Dreamlighting is a specialised LED lighting company established in Australia and supported by its associated partners base in Asia. This provides us with the competitive advantage of being able to take a new design through to after-sale with a reduced cost base, along with overseeing the providing of an extensive range of quality controlled products.

Dreamlighting's LED products are the leaders in the marketplace setting the standards for all others to reach. Our products are thoroughly tested and backed with a comprehensive industry warranty.

We focus to provide the best price as well as the best product to our customer. Being an LED company our experience and approach to the providing of LEDs ensures that our products and pricing stand out over and above those of our competitors.

The associated team of designers and engineers are able to develop custom lighting solutions specifically to meet the requirements of your projects. Our product range is continually expanding as the result of demand by the market and at the request of our clients.

Dreamlighting intent to provide energy savings and solutions that are environmentally sound when using our low energy consuming LED products. Our associated channel continually research, design and develop products which will assist consumers to use less power. This in turn we trust will assist in reducing our carbon footprint and lessen its effects on our world.


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